We provide services as expert witnesses to testify about quantum, programme / schedule and Cause and effect studies.

Our experts are available always to advice the contractor on specific references to deal with issues arising in connection with variations, extension of time, delay analysis, terminations etc.,

Arbitration/litigation: Acting as advisor in arbitrations, preparation of claims, counter claims, defending the claims or opposing the claims as a Arbitration Counsel and Techno-Legal Expert. It includes leading the expert witness testimony as well as cross examination of expert witness adduced by opposite party.

Alternate dispute resolution:

2Advise in avoidance and prevention of disputes

2Appearing before Dispute Resolution Boards, preparation and presentation of the case Mediation


2Expert determination

Adjudication :

We have full capability in adjudication support services.

2Management of adjudication

2Preparation of all statements to be filed in adjudication

2As a expert witness

2As a party counsel / representative

2Advise on jurisdictional challenges

2Services as adjudicator