Benefits of Our Expertise

CREDICON is a consultancy group that provides Contract Management and Audit Services. The group of Techno-legal, Construction Management, planning and scheduling experts within the organization provide support to any construction project team. All infrastructure and construction companies have a set up for managing the contract and mostly the site project manager acts as a contract manager. The concept of the project manager administrating the contract is considered to be proper only if the planning, quantity survey and contract correspondences are regular and well maintained. CREDICON would provide services to ensure the regular contractual requirements are met both in the form of management and documentation.

The construction Industry in India is in a dynamic growth and change movement that requires all stakeholders to watch for the deliverables. Most of the Construction Projects are in a delay or budget overrun situation leading to cause and effect analysis. These analyses may be for internal or external use and many a time for settlements of disputes. In cases when the delayed projects are referred to arbitrators, one notices that all required data has not been collected and due causes established.

Since your organization runs successfully, may be, you need not have a contractual team to help you in your contracts. The times are changing into more competitive and relationship based business. In an environment, where legal help is needed at some stage of business, you will require support from a team like ours. Based on our present experiences in the Construction Industry, we recommend all employers/customers and contractors/sub-contractors to have a framework for contract administration. We also recommend an audit from any third party with global practices background to make the cycle complete.