CREDICON CONSULTING offers critical support services in planning and scheduling of critical projects. Our specialists are drawn from across the disciplines with variety of techniques and knowledge of leading soft ware. We provide support in monitoring of the project from inception to completion as well as post contract period. It includes project audits, independent monitoring and reporting together with feasibility audits for funding and economic evaluation.

Our experts provide delay in schedule analysis for extension of time both prospective and retrospective including analysis of delay, acceleration, disruption and loss of productivity.

2Planning and tender analysis

2Project schedules

2Progress audits

2Resources and earned value analysis

2Recovery scheduling

2Management of change orders

2Extension of time analysis

2Claim reviews in the post contract period

2Dispute and litigation support including expert witness work

2Forensic analysis

In providing the above services we use techniques that include


2Critical path analysis


2Time location diagrams

2Line of balance

2Earned value analysis

2Time impact analysis / wind analysis

2As built Vs as plan / As built but for analysis

2Monte Carlo Simulation

We can also assist our clients in following ways

2Thorough examination of all relevant documentation

2SWOT analysis of client position and of opposite party

2Preparation of foundation report in the initial negotiations

2Acting as party or court appointed expert witness to give expert testimony and to be cross examined

Arbitration and adjudication

CREDICON is at the forefront in providing full range of adjudication and arbitration services for contractors, sub-contractors, employers, professional advisors and solicitors in relation all aspect of this process and our key personnel have acted in over 250 adjudications and arbitrations in several leading cases.